Deepwater Information Technology is committed to providing the San Francisco Bay Area with secure, reliable, and affordable IT support. We serve both the business and residential community through a variety of IT products designed to meet the needs of all our customers.

Whether you’re a growing business needing a web-presence or part-time IT support, or a more established company looking for help designing/deploying/documenting a new infrastructure project, we have friendly and experienced engineers eager to assist you. Our Consumer division is just as dedicated to our clients – providing project services and 24/7 support.

We employ a number of methods designed to provide IT support quickly and affordably. Where appropriate, we leverage technologies such as remote support and “the cloud” to minimize response time and support costs. This allows us to provide around the clock support like we were your own, in-house, IT department.

Finally, we at Deepwater IT really want to earn your trust. We are focused on being friendly, honest, and fair in all our endeavors. We won’t ever try to sell you products you don’t need, and we’ll always offer you alternatives if they exist. If we tell you that we can do something for you at a particular price, we’ll do it and do it at that price.