“Information technology at tech support prices.™”  This is the guiding principle behind Deepwater Business.  Until now, a fundamental divide has existed in the computer support industry.  Larger companies could afford dedicated IT departments, staffed with professional, industry-certified, support staff.  Smaller businesses had to make due with what is commonly known as “tech support”.

Traditionally, tech support is based on a “ticketing” system and is designed to solve problems as they arise.  IT departments, on the other hand, are concerned with the entire technology process — end to end.  So, while tech support can help when something doesn’t work, Information Technology goes a step further and prevents those problems from occurring in the first place.

All this usually comes at a substantial cost.  A full-time Systems Administrator will generally command compensation that runs into six figures.  Alternatively, an outside consulting/staffing/services company can be enlisted at costs between $150 to $250/hr.  These costs can be prohibitive for a smaller company trying to remain competitive.

This is where Deepwater IT comes in.  After nineteen years in the IT industry, our founder realized that with the right business model, the benefits of a top-tier IT staff could be made available to smaller businesses at reasonable prices.  Here at Deepwater IT we keep costs down by:

  • Employing remote support wherever possible to reduce travel time and support fees.
  • Utilizing flexible workspaces to reduce overhead costs.
  • Using Technology Templates™ as the foundation of much of our project work.
  • Having the ability to mix Linux and Microsoft technologies to achieve the best balance of performance, reliability, security, and affordability.

Together, these (and many other) reasons allow us to provide our customers with top-notch support at manageable prices.  Please call us today and let us know what your business needs are.